Holodeck is an attempt to write an immutable server build chain for Python packages.

At the moment I have a means to build .deb packages from a python package (say hosted on github, with a working setup.py file)

The build can occur on a spun up cloud server thus meaning the build willcorrectly target the final destination OS, no matter what your laptop runs.

Then we can spin up a destination cloud server and using saltstack / ansible (in transition) we can deploy the package, and configure it using holo-config)

I have introduced a Docker build after this, so the final artifact can be either .deb or a docker image.

This .deb file can then be taken to another server, built in the cloud using salt also, and installed. That way we can build our version of a package once, and move it from test to production, confident we are using the same code, same binary on live as we tested.

Holodeck is based on the rant of Python Core Committer Hynek Schlawack.

It also owes a lot to parcel - not necessarily that any of the codebase is the same but for the sheer get on and do it. Sadly, I could not muster the energy to cross the hg/git divide so instead of contributing patches I simply redid. They have better looking docs too.

HoloDeck is an attempt at a pun - the core idea is to wrap up an entire virtualenv and pass it from host to host. In other words we enclose virtual environments. I never said it was a good pun.

The idea is to build a new wrapped venv for every commit, and install it onto immutable servers as it progresses through testing.

I hope this will facilitate more Python (web) packages in the micro-services style.